Voltex provides individual coaching to players of all ages, from kids to even adults. We personalise our individual coaching sessions and tailor them to the needs of our students to ensure that every student gets the most out of our individual lessons.

(Kids) Our individual sessions are perfect for kids who seek to improve faster and/or are more accustomed to personal classes. We have provided trainings for many kids who have zero exposure to badminton and groomed them to be top school team players. ​

(Teens) Our individual sessions are for teens and varies from those who are new to the sport to those who are seasoned competition players. Our training curriculum allows teens of different standards to adapt and train to reach their targetted goals and to represent Team Voltex for national and international competitions.

(Adults) Adults who seek improvement for their leisure games, company competitions or mainly to keep fit, enjoy our individual lessons as we tailor the classes with the right intensity and improve their techniques, footwork and on-court strategies. 



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