Voltex Badminton Academy is Singapore's #1 badminton training centre for badminton players of all ages and all walks of life. Our overarching aim is to improve our players technically, physically and mentally while enjoying the process. Voltex Badminton Academy was founded by Head Coach Woo Jinda, Singapore's youngest ever head coach to start a badminton academy. We have achieved multiple remarkable achievements and results throughout the years, and have proven from time to time that our unique training system is incredibly effective. As the one and only badminton academy in Singapore to have our own venue Voltex Arena, we strive to utilise our new concept badminton training and groom more badminton enthusiasts into champions.
Voltex Badminton Academy covers all aspects in badminton, from basic footwork, racket techniques to advanced gameplay. We carefully and specifically pre-plan our training programmes for our players whereby every individual will benefit in one way or another. We also strive to develop our competitive players into badminton athletes with the skills, virtues and mentality of a champion, and represent our academy and their respective schools for future tournaments.

Our Mission

  • Nurture potential talents into the competitive scene

  • Train leisure players to improve their gameplay for leisure games

  • Raise the standard of badminton to greater heights

  • Provide quality trainings and develop our players with the right skills and strategies

  • Ensure that our players develop good sportsmenship

Our Vision

  • To promote a healthy lifestyle through badminton

  • Be a place for badminton players from all over the world to meet, have fun and enjoy the game

  • Develop our players with the right mentality and attitude

What makes us different?



We coach with passion, patience, zest and motivate our students


We cater to badminton enthusiasts of all ages and standards, including those who do not have a single knowledge about badminton


Training programmes are pre-planned by our coaches


We learn and understand each and every one of our student's strengths, weaknesses and style of play


We make trainings fun and interesting, yet beneficial


We are more than just a team, we are a family 



They just coach

They only take in students who have decent experience in badminton

Training programmes are impromptu and messy

Hardly such a relationship exists

Trainings are routine

Voltex Singapore

Tel: +65 8218 9242 

Email: info@voltexba.com

Address: 48A Changi South St 1 #01-05, S486114

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